Obama’s Foreign Policy Farce

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  1. Richard Berggren says:

    I’m wondering what clever comments you made during the bush administrations fiascos. You know, like going to war in Iraq; letting the VP’s former company waste hundreds of millions of dollars buying the “loyalty” of warlords. Not equipping our troops for the war they were sent to fight; not having a clue about the divisions in the Muslim culture; mission accomplished; etc.


  2. Hydro says:

    It is difficult at best , considering everything else this Fake has done – that this wasn’t on purpose – I’ll bet if it was something like a birth certificate or hos transcript from college , it wouldn’t have been missed. STOP and think just for one moment – nothing is given to the Media that hasn’t been vetted by many – and you still believe it was an accident –


  3. Albert Wight says:

    If we followed Flyod Brown’s prescriptions we would be spending still more money and losing more lives on unnecessary wars. He has it wrong on neary every account, based on my experience in intelligence in two wars and the cold war and over twenty years overseas.


  4. Earl P. Holt III says:

    The Obama Doctrine:

    Actively work to subvert and topple every Islamic Head of State in the Middle East who is not overtly engaged in a Jihad against America, and see to it that they are replaced with Taliban or Al Qaeda personnel.

    This was the scenario in Egypt, Libya, the Sudan, and is the current plan in Syria.


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