Legal Marijuana Triggers Unexpected Windfall

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  1. D MacAKY says:

    The DEA would be very bothered to see the street price drop. It indicates the Laws of Supply and demand work completely independently of the DEA, and that the Drug world is unaffected by the “War on Drugs”. The latter of which, on sober analysis, only served to keep the street price high.
    No doubt the DEA will bring in Monsanto (if not already) to hybridize the U.S. Marijuana seed and render it unproductive. That should return the street price to higher levels.

    Bear in mind that as America’s liberal culture embraces all round use of marijuana and its attendant societal paradigm shift the resultant pot-headed nation is less likely to respond to another Pearl Harbor or 9/11.


  2. Mary M Hart says:

    Summer Greetings Mr. Brown!

    Though I respect your research and your intentions about the DEA, if I’m not mistaken, marijuana is is not the only “drug” that the DEA is funded for.
    Indeed, the other elements of the harsher illegal drugs, those more connected to violence and to theft, are still going to be regulated and policed. And thanks for that!
    I would hope that our nation is still vitally concerned, and has funds for investigations and imprisonment for those trafficking and producing Meth, Heroine, etc. Those chemicals are the killers and destroyers of way too many of our citizens and loved ones. And this isn’t even mentioning what the DEA does in their involvement to stop the proliferation of the medical communities distribution, and the black market dealers of prescription drugs.
    Wondering why you didn’t have that part in your article?


  3. linda kelso says:

    They are finally realizing what the rest of us knew for the last 10 years. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the obvious.


  4. spoken says:

    Been sayin…Including marijuana with chemicals was stupid from the get go. The DEA will still be needed and has nothing to worry about.


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