Obama Complicit in VA Scandal

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  1. Fed Up says:

    That Commie is not going to admit to a dam thing. He setting things up for a Marshall law and pull a Chavez and remain as a President for Life. If he tries such a thing he will be taking a dirt nap! I be willing to bet on that scenario occurring .


  2. joe says:

    The moron would f_ck up a 1 car funeral.


  3. Victor says:

    WRONG! It leads directly to his boss, George Soros! You know, the one as a young child who turned in Jews to be killed by Hitler…


  4. chiefcemetery says:

    ALL of those involved in this VA scandal should have criminal charges filed against them and be charged according to federal law. If they get a prison term, oh well.


  5. TimeTraveler says:

    As it was with Bhengazi, so it is with this scandal. Their game plan is almost completed. They are killing whoever stands in their way.
    They are poisoning the water, the air, the land, and killing our sacred planet thru fracking!

    The last nail in humanities coffin is Fukushima. This silent but deadly killer will be mankind’s demise. Not being reported, and kept under the radar by Japan and the US, if really known what is happening, the world’s population is in very perilous times right now!
    The Four Horseman are now approaching as God’s hand is about to come down on all of man’s greed and corruption. No one will be spared.
    This planet is dying a very rapid death as far as this reality is concerned. There is no turning back. Only those who look inward and truly find the power of God’s Light, His Love, will go on to a new existence.
    A grand journey awaits those who believe!



  6. DianaS says:

    He said at the beginning of his first term that he wanted the military to pay for their own medical needs because they enrolled voluntarily. After the public outrage, he’s just doing what he wants in a different way.
    It’s what happens when you put a foreign national, born and bred to hate everything American, in the Oval office.


  7. robert chow msgtUSAF says:

    “the president heard about this in the news.” wasn’t this usurper from kenya obamoron used this same line for his past ignorance excuse? he is not even our commander in chief as far as i concern. every leader has proven record and this imposter from kenya has none and a disgrace in this society. yes, george soros, eric holder, pelosi, ACORN, NOW, and this witch hillary murderer of 4 great men in benghazi are to be trial for treason.


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