The Arms Race for Graphene is Officially On

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  1. Tom Pendergast says:


    There’s a company in Dayton called Angstron (that’s an ‘n’, not and ‘m’) whose main business, I believe, is manufacturing graphene sheets. You may want to check it out.


  2. Mr. Karl B. Hensel says:

    I have been researching graphene for several years now. I reported in my now down site graphene investing. 3D printing and graphene. I reported that Samsung would hold the most patents and bring first to a large market. I now have the following to report.
    Due to the nature of graphene it is my estimation and prediction is that the bio-metrics field will be the prize. Flexible, conductive and transparent with the greater strength x200 of steel. A win win. Please feel free to comment.


  3. Phil says:

    What about GPHBF? They didn’t 3D print a cell phone but they are 3D printing graphene.


  4. David says:

    Graphene Frontiers (Philly) is a company that has patented larger sheet production.


  5. Rajnish Sharma says:

    This is a good Audio on Graphene. I would suggest that the esteemed global publication should do a fresh article and a global check to find out top cheapest cost Graphene producers in the world today in 2015. I believe United Nanotech Innovations India would be in top 10 companies in the world in the arena of Cheapest Industrial Grade Graphene and providing best value to the customers globally who are willing to use graphene as a raw material filler in various applications where Graphene has already proved promising to start with like Tires, Polymers, Paints and anti corrosion coatings, etc. I wish good luck to all Graphene manufacturers as Industrial Grade Graphene is now getting poised to pose a good alternative to industrial grade CNT in bulk, etc.


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