Make Your Voice Heard With Countable

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  1. Greg says:

    If the Obama Administration is successful in brushing the IRS scandal under the rug, then the Countable app has no chance of surviving. The government will have become truly oppressive, and most conservatives will be reluctant to highlight their positions on the issues. This lack of equal participation from both sides will forever label Countable as just another liberally biased social media tool. This will be the kiss of death for the app as it will then never be taken seriously. I hope this is not how things play out, as I love this idea and will use the app often if I can be confident that I won’t be negatively targeted for my political positions.


  2. Anishinabi says:

    With my own current level of distrust of the Federal government, NSA and since the last election the IRS, I do not trust any of them to know what I feel about any issue enough to allow a smartphone app or Facebook account to help them keep track of my views. The climate of distrust created by Obama’s track record make it foolish to help them create their political revenge dossier(s). Why help them engage in retribution.


  3. Pat says:

    Absolutely I agree with Greg


    Gen Reply:

    I think you both should stop watching fox.


  4. Cari says:

    The comments on the political issues posted are all to one side. When I posted an opposing view, it was taken down by the next day. I posted an opposing view again. My first post had some capitalized words for emphasis. I thought maybe that was the problem. I didn’t capitalize, there were very no swear words, I did not refer to any other post or posting entity. My post was, again, taken down. I watched to see if any other opposing view posts remained. They did not. I have deleted this app and unsubscribed. It is a propaganda machine.


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