The Extreme Left Controls the Media

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  1. Thomas Stafford says:

    One can only hope and pray . . .


  2. Noticer says:

    Interesting article:
    Proof that media has gone rogue( to the left-)is in their newspapers. The left never “buys” newspaper ( they expect it to be given to them for free) so they have been failing faster than a brick falling from a high rise. the right never reads newsprint. The leftist wackos created their own newspaper demise when they quit being newspapers and became spokespeople for a regime. They quit being a newspapers ( giving the news) when everything was so far to the left it fell off a cliff. It quit being the newspaper when it became all emotion (regime tactics) and never a fact aka “real journalism”. It quit being a newspaper when jounslists were limited on what they could say.

    Journalism died in early 70’s- but real journalism still exists and they belong to the internet.

    Gods punishment to the left was creating the internet- its wasnt al gore who invented the internet as their left camrades keep repeating.

    “You tell a lie repeatedly it becomes the truth”
    Well joseph goebbels never thought their would be internet.


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