GOP Leads in Early Polls, Primaries

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  1. Doug Schexnayder, PhD says:

    Toxic socialism is what it is…behold the 5 year recession..these hardheaded control freak democrats believe monster gov-meant is god….always.
    The dangerous myth that taking private megabillions by gov-meant from producers to give to non-producers somehow promotes prosperity or independence persists.
    We all have a gut feeling its simply vote-buying…which, of course, it is.

    The constant bold lies, smears, demons and fantasy promises are the tools of the utopian socialists (aka national democrats in America)…

    that utopian democrat fairness state never ever arrives (ask the cubans after 50 years)…the elite socialists become multimillionaires as more socialist rot spreads. There are NO exceptions to this scenario.

    A few, for their votes, are exempted from the pain of naturally toxic policies that have rotted nations all over the globe for decades. Does history teach democrats ANYTHING?

    Where are the jobs Barack? (47 million on Stamps, up 13 million on your watch)

    Its year 5, where are the jobs Barack? (record 46 million poor/50 million below the poverty line)

    You spent 7 trillion we did not have, where are the jobs Barack? (11.1% real jobless rate)

    You got STIM, where are the jobs Barack? ($3+ gas from $1.84 when you took power)

    Gov-meant checks are not jobs…America is broke.


  2. ma in mo says:

    I care not what the Republican establishment does. If they do not run a constitutional conservative candidate I will vote third party like I did in the last presidential election. Here is why: If the DemocRATS are in control, we – the United States of America — are sold down the river as in white water rafting — very fast, and we get soaking wet. If the RHINOs are in control, we – the United States of America — are sold down the river as in conoeing — at a slow and leisurely pace. What difference does it make????? My advice to the Old Republican Guard is that if they want to win they had better start catering to those like me who will no longer vote for the lessor of two evils — A DemocRAT or a RHINO.


  3. Earl P. Holt III says:

    The Republican “Establishment” has given us Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain, the Bushes, and are the ones who coached Mitt Romney to be respectful of our Bolshevik-in-Chief.

    Their idea of a winning formula is amnesty for illegal aliens, and sending out “Happy Kwanzaa” greetings to all those Black Muslims just champing at the bit to vote Republican, (as Reince Priebus did last December 26th.) They have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory more times than I can count.

    They now train their guns on Tea Party candidates because they would rather remain losers than relinquish their sinecures and control of the party to people willing to fight the Cultural Marxists.


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