Should John McCain Retire?

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  1. baili says:

    It’s diffidently time that the old warmonger retire. If McCain should get through the primary, I’ll vote for whoever runs against him.
    “Anybody but McCain”


  2. RON says:

    I disagree. Although I voted for Obama over McCain, I still have immense respect for the senator and his magnificent service to our country. He still articulates a position on most national issues. I profoundly disagree with him many times, but always respect him.


  3. Bob in Philly says:

    Its ironic that McCain’s home state of Arizona is now at the center of another Veterans Administration scandal. McCain is just another politician quick and hot to get the U.S. involved in yet another world conflict such as bomb Iran remarks while at the same time ignoring those who have served this country. Its a pretty good bet that McCain, given his father’s standing in the Air Force, did not have to face what many forgotten vets do today.


  4. Ron ( Army Veteran ) says:

    John McCain left his backbone in Vietnam.


  5. missu says:

    If McCain doesn’t retire he’ll lose in the primary. People have caught up with McCain , his pathological lying, his warmongering and his anti people positions


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