The End of Comcast’s Disgraceful Reign?

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  1. Bob Sackett says:

    I hope Aereo wins.


  2. The Quadfather says:

    You don’t need Aereo for that. All you need is an antenna for your high def TV. All of those channels are already broadcast on the air.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    This would be an improvement. I believe the cable companies really rape the public. I would like to see the cost depreciated. I hope the small guy wins.


  4. HBOW says:

    Save $ 8.00 more and just use an antenna its free on air for everyone. Dump Cable and watch prices fall.


  5. MitchBar says:

    The death of Comcast couldn’t come soon enough. What the cable and satellite companies have done to TV should be a crime. Ripoff!


  6. Liz B. says:

    I was on the wrong side of the same audit. According to Comcast customer disservice, I can pay double my previous fee for the same service I was getting before, or pay the same fee for half the service. Unfortunately, because of my HOA agreement I pay for cable TV through Comc*** whether I want it or not, or I’d be cutting the cord and moving to Hulu and Netflix.


  7. Wleh says:

    It is long overdue for the dying and crying customers out there for be rescued.

    Comcast has no fit rate. They charged you arms and legs. They charged you whatever they want.

    A competitor is needed to help the crying public to keep a portion of their hard earned dollars.

    Good luck, AEREO. And may the Supreme Court sees you thru.


  8. the rose says:

    Comcast is a controlling freak!!! Not only do they want control of the t.v., but they want control of the telephone and home security. Comcast, what next?
    Supreme Court please rule for AEREO. Too much greed at Comcast!!!!!!!


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