America’s Middle Class Gets Poorer

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  1. Tom says:

    We are supposed to be a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY!

    Learn what America is supposed to be.
    Go read at this LINK!

    Bring back the Republic, I don’t know how but
    it needs to be done and done soon.


  2. George W Van Sickle 111 says:

    It comes down to,the people in government work for corporations. So they can stay in office and get more money sending our jobs overseas. It’s not about Americans,or America.It’s filling there pockets.


  3. Doug Nusbaum says:

    Mr. Brown: Are you really that stupid? Or just a psychopathic liar. And remember that while figures do not lie, liars figure. So you can claim that because poor people pay no income tax, that somehow they pay no taxes when, in fact, every single thing that they purchase is taxed and that tax is figured into the price. Never mind the taxes that they pay at the check out lane. So lets look at total taxes as a percent of GDP.

    so we are number what??? 50??? And many of those “high tax” countries have a median income quite a bit higher than ours.

    I suggest that youj stop being a pimp for the top .1%


  4. jo says:

    Canada is America too, I just hate how USA tries to monopolize the word america. If Canadian are such to Canada, then USA citizens should be called United Statians of America.
    As for the rest of the problems, you have the elite that own so called politicians and the rest of us are the sap suckers that do nothing about it no matter what, I mean if after getting robbed of the equity in our homes, our gold, our stocks, our money from trusts in the 80s and then watching the governments punish the bankers by throwing more more you cant afford to give by the trillions doesn’t wake up a nation then we’re all insane and born to get screwed, so they keep doing to us. When FACTA kicks off in July and non participating banks and brokers start to pull investments out of the USA then our so called government will no longer have the option to just print money at will and every commodity will be priced so high that we won’t be able to afford anything with the ol tiny US dollar, well we just might start calling it cent instead of dollar cause it won’t be worth a darn… can you spell default? Bankruptcy? End of the american way and dream? Okay now the non realists can start criticising this post then stick your heads in the sand so nobody can see you crying and complaining and blaming everyone but yourselves… see Detroit? who would have thought huh? Well Detroit is a perfect example of what the whole country will become if the people continue to not react and not make so called 10 cent hooker politicians and crooked elite corporations accountable


  5. thomas hansen says:

    loss of jobs will kill America soon.


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