Press Freedom Disappears Under Obama’s Rule

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  1. Tim Tremblay says:

    The government NWO puppets do not have the power to silence the American people or take away Second Amendment Rights and they know it. One false aggressive move on their part and their butts are toast. It is, after all, the American People who are the real power, not the deceptive pukes who have usurped positions in government.


  2. John Marsh says:

    What do you expect from a follower of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Saul Alinsky? Only the low informed
    non-contributing members of the voting list will support what Socialist Barack Hussein Obama stands for. Wake up America! Do you want to allow a Nazi-like regime to take over the greatest nation ever to exist on the planet Earth? The entitlement mentality longs for it.


  3. Sandra M. says:

    We need to get rid of our communist president and fast! Before things get any worst.


  4. Sparks Galore says:

    This behavior is not new, but this administration has taken it to new heights. Controlling what is, and is not reported is only one way this is being accomplished. The Obama administration (as well as those preceding, going back several years) have used poll results to justify many of thier actions. Before any poll is taken seriously, not only the poll question, but how the question is worded should be considered. Pollsters can manipulate any result they want by the way the question is asked. Its like a judge alowing a yes or no answer to an attorney”s question, with any comment as to why. That sometime skews the cause of events. Think about it before you participate in the next poll. “nuff for now!!!


  5. Jeff Dubiel says:

    I am quite sure it is far to late to worry about that now…I think 50% of the news is fraudulent now.
    America journalism is in the sewers.


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