Will Facebook Cripple the Finance Industry?

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  1. Thomas Proctor says:

    Facebook would be the last place in the world that I would put any money into. First off, I hate Facebook – I think it is a refuge for people who crave attention all the time and FB is the ideal way to do that. I quit FB when people started detailing their bowel movements every day.

    Other disadvantages would be no FDIC insurance, and no regulatory oversight. With Zuckerberg, there is no telling what sort of Ponzi scheme he might come up with next. We know what he is capable of doing to his own friends so who knows what he would do to those he doesn’t know.


  2. John Xith says:

    Gee, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Mark is surely doing a lot with FB like acquiring new ventures all the time, but FB shouldn’t be meant for banking or anything of the sorts.


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