Huckabee Talks Fort Hood Shooting

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  1. EdH says:

    Why couldn’t each of the military branches enact something of a qualification including a wearable patch designation while in uniform and a designation or ID Card that includes their qualification dates and related weapons. As for those positions that don’t require weapons qualification the service member could be able to qualify and carry those weapons on base(s) regardless of it having a position based requirement. I would imagine this would also even encourage qualifications on weapons by impacted Military personnel. Those in positions that do not require weapons qualifications would basically be able to gain this qualification and it should/would have no effect on their on-base duties.


  2. george martin says:

    where are the 41 stocks that will double daily?


  3. Donnie Capps says:

    I grew up next to tinker air force base, my perents are buried about a quarter mile from one of the gates. I’ve been on many military bases all over the US. I’ve hauled lots of military equipment over the years and the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen is the us military having to pay civilians to guard the gates. Every branch of the military has its own law enforcement. Yet tax payers are forced to pay extra for rentacops to protect our bases. Well where we’re those retacops when all these people were shot and even killed. When I was driving a truck, I never left home without being armed, I have been armed on military bases and even inside state and federal prisons, and no one ever knew that I was armed. Let military law enforcement do their jobs.!


  4. Dave S says:

    I faithfully served my country in the military for 27 years. I have 2 concealed carry licenses. Yet when I go on any military base I am forbid to exercise my God given right to protect myself. This is not about safety and never has been. This is about a government that hates our second amendment rights. Common sense dictates that this so called terrorist threat could be neutralized by citizens carrying guns on transportation and in government installations. After all, like the man said “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun”.


  5. Thomas Riddle says:

    In my opinion all military active and retired who have been issued a carry permit by there state should be allowed to have a weapon on base. It’s a pain in the end to disarm before entering a base. I carry a weapon at all times except when on base. I understand the base commanders concern regarding personal weapons, however should a shooting incident occur and base security reaches the area they may incounter many weapons drawn. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Do we shoot all and let god sort it out? Since many both good and bad may be in the same uniform we have an OK corral incident in the making. I’m retired and in civilian clothes there is no doubt I would be one of the first shot by security.


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