New ETF Brings You the Cheapest Stock Markets in the World

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  1. Andrew Boyett-Camp says:

    Well – An average dividend return of 3.4%pa since this article was written is little compensation for the fact that had investors taken your “TIP” they would have by now lost over 25% of their capital! Care to justify yourself? That’s not VALUE investing – that’s GAMBLING!


    Alan Gula

    Alan Gula Reply:

    Hello Andrew,

    Thanks for the comment. “Long run” is usually considered 10 years, not 10 months.

    If you’re seeking less volatile investments, then I suggest you peruse my archive. Last year, I highlighted what turned out to be some of the best-performing securities on a risk-adjusted basis, including Treasuries and utilities. Most income analysts were recommending MLPs, which have been slaughtered.




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