Uncle Sam is a Greedy and Angry Man

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  1. Forrest Woods says:

    Giving it a try couldn’t possibly be worse that what we have now.


  2. Hornman says:

    If everyone started saving all their money, wouldn’t that lead to depression? It would hurt businesses that make the products that no one is buying because they would be taxed on it, thus making those businesses lay off workers.


  3. ee says:

    Before we go all out in support of the so-called “Fair Tax”, if there are no safe guards in place to prevent Congress (or some other gov’t agency/politician) from arbitrarily increasing the “Fair Tax’s” percentage, then this tax will quickly become MORE burdensome than the current system. At least with the current system, we have the ability to claim various deductions to reduce our tax burden.

    I forget the original percentage used when the Federal Income Tax was 1st established (somewhere around 3% ??) or the politician that originally made the statement to the effect that the original FIT percentage was more than enough to provide for the gov’t when he voted for it, yet with no real safeguards in place to prevent the gov’t from increasing/creating new taxes, it has dramatically gotten out of control as we have seen today.

    Again, unless there are STRICT safeguards to prevent the increase of the “Fair Tax’s” percentage, as well as to prevent other “supplemental” tax and “fee” categories from being created by the gov’t, the “Fair Tax” will be a BAD DEAL for all. On the other hand, if the “Fair Tax” law is well-thought out with the proper safeguards in place, it could be a great benefit to all.


  4. Frank Clark says:

    I hope that any candidate who wants to save our country will move to abolish the IRS. I think it is a real winner in the 2016 election. At this point I don’t care what Republican or Independent wins the election but that IRS has to go.


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