344 Doctors You Should Be Afraid Of

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  1. J. Ronald Rich, MD says:

    I’m strongly for prosecuting fraudulent billing, however, your conclusions for the Medicare billing list are as bad, abusive and erroneous. The majority of those listed were those were heading group practices and/or billing for very expensive medications supplied to patients. The government allows this, setting the prices plus 6% profit. Several of those named were specialty group heads from very prestigious institutions, who I seriously doubt would commit Medicare fraud.


  2. C. W. Clover says:

    Please call the new health care system by its correct name – The Affordable Care Act.


  3. G.P. HOLM says:

    It will never be called the ACA as it is not affordable with premiums less than people were paying as well as sky high deductibles to be paid out of pocket that are simply not affordable at all. It is Obamacare and every bit as bad as its namesake.


  4. Pat says:

    One issue with Medicaid and and Medicare too, the patient does not always receive a copy a copy of the insurance billing like from a private company to even see what dates and charges have been submitted on them, therefore without jumping thru lots of hoops to attain this info by a patient, the doctors are free to bill whatever they please as no one is really checking on them to see if the actual service was provided.


  5. Alano Gray says:

    J. Ronald Rich should have been on that list. As for private Insurance companies much to my amazement, when they finally pay, the wait was not due to processing or cross-referencing or confirming that the bills were legit as were the doctors but rather an attempt to hold on to their trillions as long as possible


  6. janet davenport says:

    My comment is about: the “actual” services, I’ve been thru several x-rays in my life, but Haven’t been shown the x-rays. And I’ve wondered , at times, if they were just going thru the motions without the film. Add supposedly a “specialist” has to “read” them. Just last year a doctor had me go get x-rays, and I went. The Dr never received them. And the Hospital was going to check into it. Never heard any more from either of them, Hospital or Drs. office.


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