Congressman Vance McAllister’s Disgraceful Act

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  1. James Currier says:

    We need to force these Politicians who believe there above the law to go to jail if they commit a crime. There are real hard working people who if get caught doing what these sleasebags do would do hard time. it is high time we hold them accountable. last week Harry Reed was caught for gifting his grand daughter 18 thousand dollars of election money is that not a crime? when will he be held accountable? If he and the rest in DC who are vermin have there way its never and thats’ wrong.


  2. Debbie T says:

    He should be removed after all his lies about being a Christian! This would not of happened if he was truly Christian and not a liar!


  3. James H says:

    Heard yesterday (4-12) that Obama has sent US Navy war ships to the Black Sea. Is this true? I have not found anything in the news about this.


  4. Janet says:

    I didn’t know taxpayers gave congressmen their raises. Don’t they do that for themselves like they do everything else they get? Id like to know just what we can do to get these people out of Washington. They are just running wild – doing everything against the American people and spending money like crazy.


  5. janet davenport says:

    Our politicians seem to waste a lot of their High-priced jobs, re-naming laws, creating (and naming) new holidays, and using a blatant “ending sentence” on the bills going thru stating: “…and for other purposes”, shows me they aren’t being too clear as to where the money is going. And obviously they can’t name whose pockets will be lined.


  6. Tom says:

    The Constitution does not say anything about paying our elected leaders, that came in 1913, when some rich guy decided the President deserved 25 thousand a year as retirement pay.

    Our elected officials are supposed to live with the laws they create.
    In other words, they work a normal job or own their own business and go to DC for 30 days twice a year, and during emergencies.

    We need to get the money out of our Government and let the people live the way the constitution was written.

    With every law or regulation that is created an innocent man or woman turns into a criminal.

    With every law or regulation you, and everyone else, lose a freedom that you were born with.

    When the people figure out they can vote themselves money, that is the end of the Republic of America. People have figured out how to vote themselves money.

    When was the last time you heard the Pledge of Allegiance?
    Do your kids know it?
    What does it mean to them?

    A Republic Government does not give the people everything they want.
    A government that does give the people everything they want DIES!!! (the newest example: GREECE)


  7. Mike says:

    Congressmen are a step or two (maybe) ahead of a DMV clerk. Most of them sit around waiting for something to happen so that they canjump up and down and get some excersize(<sp?). In short they are already OVERPAID they should try living on an average workers pay (less than $700.00 wk.)on L.I., N.Y.


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