Democrats Scream “Elections Are Rigged!”

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  1. Milt Farrow says:

    It should be mandatory That all SCOTUS justices must take Cat Scans every quarter, or sooner depending on how ” disorderly there orders are “.


  2. Chris says:

    Voter fraud is OK with the democrat/socialists!


  3. John Vance says:

    They aught to know they are the one’s rigging them.!!!!!! heck, even the dead vote for them, such a deal.!!!!!


  4. Florida Jim says:

    Saul Alinsky taught the democrats to distract their enemies by calling them out for doing what the democrats themselves were doing e.g. cry election fraud when the democrats themselves were actually doing the election fraud as has been done for at least 35 years. demand no voter I.D,s and say it is racist often enough and have your lawyers either in the DOJ or Harvard support your false claims. When democratic groups meet including the President and Eric Holder they always demand everyone show some identification yet they cry racism when Conservatives ask for the same identification for elections, odd don’t you think? The reason they do that is to confused the public as their media helped spread the lies while election after election has been stolen district by district using dead people’s names collected from gravestones by college students and used in mail-in ballots, many students voting two or three times in different locales intimidating the poll workers to accept them, bring an overwhelming number of late voters late I the day and, once again, threatening law suits from their complicit lawyers , the largest group of donors to democrats paid the keep tort law from being establish to continue the fraud. Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, California, Oregon, Washington and D.C, and Florida all have had elections stolen and nothing is done because the slimy media and the slimy democrats[almost all democratic fraud] conspire to steal elections rather than have their policies sell the case. Unless you awaken to the vote fraud our country will be Marxists as they wish and freedom will a memory worldwide.


  5. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

    Of course the dems are screaming that the elections are rigged, and it’s by them!!!


  6. Michael Thornton says:

    We are not LOSING our constitutional rights, we are giving them away without much thought. If we do not AWAKEN, saul alinsky will join the ranks of lenin, marx, stalin, mao, pot pol, ‘bama, and hitler. His name did not mean much before the coming of ‘bama and his minions and czars. Now, alinsky is propelled into the spotlight as the messiah according to barrrrrak, his cheerleader and lead proselytizer in the Garden of Eden. These ideas, clad in the words Americans love best: New, Improved, and Free are very tempting. All of this power encapsulated in sugar coated “Hope” and “Change” to help the foul tasting ‘medicine’ slide down. Saul’s eight easy steps make socialism slick to swallow and an easy tool to wield for the connected who wish to dominate a once free people.

    To Arms, To Arms, the communists are coming, the communists are HERE! If you gave your arms away, raise your fists, take arms from the enemies of liberty and resume the battle for freedom.

    Freedom’s cost and the battles to retain liberty are without end; they have continued from 1776 until the present, unbroken, against all opponents; foreign and domestic. Beware the politicians who promise you free housing, free medical care, free food, and everything except free choice on how to live.

    Eternal vigilance is the simple cost of our independence; that cost precludes “free” gifts from the government. Those “gifts” cost too much, who pays the cost of the ‘freebies” at the end of the day? We do and we no longer can pay the piper for the trinkets. Manhattan only cost a few trinkets, WWII only cost a bundle of billions; now, we owe China many Trillions which we do not have.

    Now, we have had our dances; who will join me to pay the piper? I shall NEVER surrender my freedom! And you?


  7. Tinker Unique says:

    The Democraps are crying about “election fraud” when it was in their favor ??? THAT is like blaming the Republicans for fencing off the Veterans Memorials.


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