Renegade Government Agency Silences Political Opponents

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  1. ThewlynOh says:

    since it’s the Gov’t, they are desperately trying to delete all the email trails – but since it’s the Gov’t, when it comes to IT (see… they are too dumb to figure out how to do it


  2. brainpimp says:

    Defund the IRS. If they can’t be trusted to defend the citizens then they are not needed.


  3. Sparks Galore says:

    While pondering the three ring circus going on in Washington D.C., I had a brilliant flash of thought that would take care of multiple problems there. Lets send the I.R.S. to Russia, the N.S.A. to China, and the president’s telepromptor to Cuba, etc., etc.. Come to think more about it maybe i’m being to hard on those countries. Just thinking out loud!


  4. JoyO says:

    Unfortunately, I fear there are many more Catherine Engalbrecht’s that agave been silenced by the Progressives who want a totalitarian form of government in America. The apparent collusion among the various Federal agencies is something that in the past we would have expected to happen only in Russia or China — but NEVER in America. I fear the Communists have truly infiltrated our government, our media, our schools at all levels, and our unions.


  5. YTS says:

    Catherine Engelbretch, the founder of True the Vote, says she set up the non-profit organization to monitor elections when she witnessed voters using multiple voter registration cards and allowing election officials to cast their ballots. It is surprising that her organization and her small manufacturing firm were subjected to audits, inspections and investigations by multiple government agencies because, she says, they did not like her work of monitoring elections. She claims she was only trying to protect the integrity of the electoral process. This strengthens the case for voter ID reform. We are not allowed to fly without showing an ID. Why not follow this system for the vital task of voting as well?


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