The Breakthrough Biotech That’s Up 500%… And Counting

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  1. ElChico says:

    It’s so rare that an investor, big or small, has the opportunity to get in at this level on a “google- or Apple-like” stock, AND if you read carefully, the fiorthcomkng drugs above will are not destined to cure some obscure, rare disease affecting a small percentage of the population (albeit those drugs are important); rather, Inovio has taken steps to cure diseases which affect large numbers of our population, in every country, all ages, all genders…diseases which have, or have the high propensity to, affect our friends, our families, our loved ones, and even ourselves. This is one of the infantecimally unique occasions where investors can get in on the ground floor AND believe in, and feel good about, the ultimate goals and objectives of the company in which they have invested, and indeed became a part-owner, taking part in revolutionizing medicine as we know it, literally taking part in history as it’s being made. I cannot think of a better, feel-good, get rich story…awe inspiring.


  2. Chris says:

    Great Article thank you! Inovio is slowly paving the way to becoming a biotech giant. This is the future of immunotherapy right here. Think of it as getting into a game changing company that’s still on the ground floor. Dr. Kim is one of the most shrewd CEO’s in the bio business!


  3. Sharon says:

    This company looks like it’s going to lead the biotech movement. I feel good about investing in something like this where I know it’s going to change the lives of people I love and maybe even my own some day. This one will be a wonder to watch!


  4. Notabadpicker says:

    I’ve been buying since .48 cents. My family and friends are now starting to buy. Happy to see spreading the love. Paradigm shifting SAFE drug therapy right around the corner. I love the good science, good management points! Couldn’t be more true!


  5. Steven Lissner says:

    This company is going places! Great science, great management, cash in the bank standing at over 100 million dollars, no debt! Awards! Partnerships! You name it, this companies got it! Remember the name INOVIO!


  6. Dave Eberhart says:

    Thank you for digging down and giving us the facts. The notion that you’ve been following this company for a decade says a lot about your journalistic integrity, diligence and character as a writer. Your belief and conviction that this is not merely some “fly-by-night one hit wonder” is bold.

    I will certainly go to their website and do more research. I only wish I had known about this a few years ago, otherwise…you may have turned your readers on to a hidden gem, again! Best regards!


  7. Darryl Schmiermund says:

    I have followed Inovio closely for a year. Inovio is the only long position in my otherwise very busy portfolio for good reason. Hundreds of hours of research has given me confidence in the leadership, technology, financial position, and most importantly, the “real” possibility of changing medicine and treatments for those that have the unfortunate experience of serious illness. Although Inovio is a speculation play at this point, every conference, trial, peer review/ medical journal, etc. has proven thus far that this company may truly be a game-changer. Good luck Dr. Kim! My money has never been put to a better use.


  8. Mick says:

    Getting into Inovio Pharmaceuticals right now is like getting in APPL at $10.


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