I’m Embarrassed for America Today

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  1. Roland Tougas says:

    Is the only solution always from the barrel of a gun? It is impossible to play a long game and save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in property not to mention the direct cost to America in treasure and the lives of its soldiers. America has been at war for the last 12 years. Are you not tired of the costs. I don’t see the Ukrainians rushing out to fight the Russians. Why should America be in such a hurry to get involved militarily? Fighting the Russians will not be the same as fighting the Iraqis and Afghans. Give your head a shake.


  2. Chuck says:

    What’s just as ridiculous is you thinking that the US should consider sending our military to fight Russia. There is no need, nor any reason for the US to get involved in this except to help to find a Diplomatic solution! We need to take a break from being the World Police and focus more on our own problems here in this country!


  3. Peter Pomialowski says:

    The country should be divided by religious lines. Ukrainian Catholic in the west, Ukrainian Orthodox in the east. This a a natural division and has been in place for a thousand years.


  4. jim says:

    Our overseas military bases used to symbols of real power but now that most are just prime locations for r&r and free resorts for congressman the gender no respect from anyone.


  5. Wilhelmina Lefeber says:

    I am ashamed about the those people in Washington. They act like a bunch of children.
    We won we won.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When are you going to do the right thing yourself.
    When are you going to mind your own business!!!!
    It is a big mess in Washington.
    Do something for America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    instead of trying to save the world!
    You are all a bunch of phonies!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mle Reply:

    Wilhelmina says it like it is. This Washington group is worthless in every way. What a shame and a sham they are.


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