Financial Audit Ousts Obama as Spending Addict

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  1. Pat Mead says:

    Remember how the US attacked Hussain saying he lived in castles when there were people who were hungry?? I do


  2. John Vance says:

    These things happen when you elect an idiot who don’t have a clue.


  3. USMCret says:

    This Obamanayshon can spend that kind of money because the taxes WE the PEOPLE are extorted to pay as collectively WE the PEOPLE are richwhenyou realize that collectively WE the PEOPLE have the money that the government takes from US every week at payday. What would the government do if every single working person took a 2 week vascation at the same time? There would be no taxes taken from anyone and all business would be empty bacause no person will leave their neighborhood and no one will shop or drive. All will be taking care of their property and getting to know their neighbors and have a block party.


  4. SadAmerican4America says:

    Ya think?


  5. jon says:

    obama knows that his day’s are numbered and will be impeached by the end of 014


  6. C Taylor says:

    Has this subject been taken up directly with Obama or through Congress?


  7. Karen says:

    Disgusting….and he preaches about the top 1%????? What a spendthrift hypocrite.


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