America’s Trillion-Dollar “Superweapon” Badly Misfires

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  1. Donald Buehner says:

    Parents! Parents! Parents!
    Spending billions can’t overcome a lack of parental involvement in the education process.
    Parents not only reinforce and oversee what is taught in school but provide active teacher evaluation. Inadequate or incompetent instruction is best detected by an interested parent not by an arbitrary set of standards established by a bunch of self-serving bureaucrats.
    While I am not an advocate of home schooling in all instances, one cannot argue with its success; once again, pointing to the importance of parental involvement.


  2. William A Pauwels, Sr. says:

    Every student should have a computerized cubicle. Every fact-based course should be taught via video video and computerized programmed-learning. Students should progress at their own pace in all fact-based subjects.

    Cubicle sessions should be disbursed between group sessions, where topics could be discussed and questions answered by teachers and/or other students.

    Kids today are totally comfortable with digital devices, silver screens, video, and computerized information. Continuing to teach via 19th-century methodology is inefficient and less effective.

    Each student could have his own computer and cubicle docking-station. Each computer could be backed up automatically. Homework could be done on the students computer. Parents could be interconnected to their child’s computer – thus enhancing parental involvement and progress monitoring.

    Courses that do not lend themselves to cubicle computerized-learning could be taught via traditional methods.

    Values-based courses could be offered via parental preferences, e.g., religion, ethics, philosophy, sociology, economics, etc.

    Needless to say, the possibilities are enormous. Courses could be taught by the most competent and effective teachers. See The Teaching Company courses for examples of the quality that could be provided by the nation’s leading teachers.


  3. Earl P. Holt III says:

    There is no way the public schools can be improved without first, chloroforming the federal Department of Education. Anyone who avoids this necessity doesn’t understand the problem.

    Second, so-called “Departments of Education” are the source of most of the zany ideas that have destroyed the public schools in the first place, and the LAST place we should look for answers.

    Third, because of idiotic state statutes requiring “Certification,” most public school systems could not hire Albert Einstein to teach remedial arithmetic, nor could Milton Friedman — the greatest social scientist of any generation — teach Home Economics. Certification requirements must go. (Better to have a REAL mathematician than someone who has studied “The Teaching of Math”…)

    Our obsession with “egalitarianism” has held back the brighter students, who have become victims of a “dumbed-down” curriculum. We need to return to a system where the brightest students (and the slowest students) are separated from average students, and everyone is taught at their own speed: And then make no apologies for doing so.

    Until these — and other egregious faults — are addressed, most public schools in the U.S. will continue to lag behind those in Bora-Bora and Outer Mongolia.


  4. Huapakechi says:

    Why not go back to teaching the basics? All these expensive and ineffective “improvements” have brought our educational system to the point of global ridicule.
    The more money poured into the bottomless hole of “publik eddykashun” results in ever diminishing results, yet the “fix” is ever more complex, expensive, and ineffective. It’s as if the authorities in the educational bureaucracy are deliberately sabotaging the future of our nation.
    Come to think of it, this appears to be another application of the cloward-piven strategy to destroy capitalism and bring the United States down to third world status.


  5. Don Wright says:

    I noticed years ago when my children were in high school (my daughter graduated in 2006, my son in 2009) that certain elements of our history were emphasized while other significant events were either minimized or not discussed at all. For example, one of the texts my son used had a large chapter devoted to the civil rights movement in this nation. WWII received less than a page of coverage. Seriously, when I reviewed the accuracy of what was being taught in their history books … it was filled with errors, distortions and complete omissions of much of what made America great. (I have a minor in history) Civics courses etc. were also seriously lacking with many endorsing and supporting alternative lifestyles etc. It is not just in the sciences or math departments that our children are being short changed. They are being groomed to be part of a new world order that minimizes exceptionalism and rewards mediocrity.


  6. Rattler says:

    Most people are too young to remember attending school 50-60 years ago. Yet this is the education model that prolifically produced the scientists and engineers that sent men to the moon. Using slide rules! NASA was born, flourished, and the technology of space travel was utilized in products and services that every American utilizes and enjoy today.

    We have the model of success. All anyone needs to do is understand the past. It just does not fit with the PC obsessed, teacher’s union controlled misfit educators of today. Education is now about politics and power, not education.


  7. christina divalerio says:

    My son is in 9th grade @ Willsboro central school (new York state) he received a 35% (no more letter grades) in ela. His teacher said that was impossible when I ask why…… her response was, even if he missed all questions on any test he would still receive 50% not a fail. She went on to say the reasoning is because if a student misses anymore it might heart there feelings. She understood my concern but said common core standards are very clear.


  8. Bob says:

    Get back to basics for K-4 – reading, writing, arithmetic and music (chorus & band). If a student is excelling, move him/her up immediately – don-t wait until the next term.

    5-6 continue with basics and add use of computers. Continue to move those students up who are excelling

    7-8 continue with advanced basics and add history and science. Continue to move those students up who are excelling.

    9-12 More advanced maths and sciences – add languages, literature, creative writing, public speaking, and philosophy. During this period vocational courses for those who may not demonstrate the ability or desire to apply for college.

    From k-12 comprehension should be more important than grades in promotion decisions.


  9. anthony says:

    By their own study, common core standards don’t encourage to challenge students to excel but to be average.


  10. John says:

    Pretty much whenever the Federal government gets involved in social and business endeavors, efficiency drops and costs rise. Well-intentioned policy makers should get out of the way and let education be controlled by states and local governments…parents! While it sounds lovely to have “national standards” and districts love the money they get from the Feds, the reality is that issues get overshadowed and the education of our children suffers. A very good place to start, if we want to improve education is to abolish the US Dept of Education and allow states to keep more of their education dollars without Federal strings attached. Every parent wants a good education for his or her children. Let us find the way. Government isn’t supposed to be the end solution to all problems. Educators are traditionally (or stereo-typically) closed minded, and they love bandwagons. If something isn’t working, their mindset seems to be: we need more money (to implement a new bandwagon program). What is wrong with continuing to teach the old tried and proven ways…they worked. Example…phonics versus look-say. Phonics works…it is tried and proven. Look-say is bandwagon. It doesn’t work for many students, yet districts bought into it with gusto.
    Well, I’ve said more than I intended. I have some pretty strong feelings in these areas. Bottom line: Get the Feds out of education, both with mandates and money!


  11. ELISSA JUNG says:



  12. Carl Nordwall says:

    After a free full-year of Don Ely’s education program at Syracuse University, I was hired for a job where I could really teach my education plan, and help the teachers really follow my motto: Get the RIGHT stuff, to the RIGHT kid, at the RIGHT time. We really made that plan work: finding out everything about every kid, getting acquainted with their families, keeping a record of every kid’s progress, and making sure that every teacher was properly using our Systematic Curriculum. Research proved that we were doing a fantastic job.
    and I’m wondering why present education can’t do that kind of a job???


  13. William Williamson says:

    I wonder if anybody has thought about getting rid of the real problem in schools, it’s simple really ,get rid of unions that’s where the root of the problem is, then start teaching bible.


  14. R. Squier Ball says:

    The French have had a superior discipline for writing since the end of the 19th century. It began in the last part of the 19th century in the Ecole Normale Supe’rieure. La dissertation francaise embodies this discipline, which the Americans have
    sneered at, in their ignorance. What a pity.


  15. oldgringo says:

    When is becomes almost impossible to fire a teacher…The teachers union becomes a handicap towards public education and the children who are to benefit from it’s schooling…This is why private schools do so much better at educating…Teachers must show quality in their teachings or end up being fired!


  16. HOMER says:

    You know: Our founding fathers, from G.washington on down to Eisenhower all prayed in school, and had mandetory bible study! the 10 commandments were on the walls and halls od schools and justice! The New England Primer was the book of schools for all who attended and it had Bible and the bible verses included in the alphabet and daily reading! NO president of the last 40 years every used the solution our founding fathers did! that is why this nation has gone down the education pit! Where GOD’s Name is exalted, that nation prospers! this nation, thru the efforts of Madeline m. Ohare and the Supreme Court decided thru “APARTIED” that this nation did not need to pray! One woman decided this and the S.C. obliged! That’s why this country has been weighed in the balance and found wanting! GOD IS FINISHED w/this nation! Daniel 5:27 KJV what can we expect!


  17. Florida Jim says:

    Arne Duncan, like Obama and Hillary , has not one achievement in his life. The Chicago schools are a cesspool of failure and playing basketball with Obama doesn’t get schools any better. The unions run Obama the unions run all failed school systems in America, perhaps we should remove unions from schools and everywhere? Of course, Obama would lose those campaign dollars so the chance of Obama doing anything serious about schools is ZERO. A Charter Schools in Washington D.C. was doing excellently with high standards inspired children and teachers who taught not indoctrinate and Obama closed it because the unions wanted it closed it made them look terrible and Obama groveled u7nder the request.


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