Worst Strategic Decision Since Caesar Crossed the Rubicon

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  1. William A Pauwels, Sr. says:

    Although he’s a nice guy, charming and charismatic, Obama’s inexperience and ineffective leadership shows at every turn of events. He is seen as wimpy by strong-minded world leaders and commentators. His history is one of continuous de facto Marxist/Fabian-Socialist/Liberal-Leftist indoctrination, which is based on collective weakness and has never worked. America needs a strong leader like Ronald Reagan – with the guts to walk out on Gorbachev – to tell Putin in front of the world, to tear down his wall – etc.


  2. al hunt says:

    These Obama sanctions amount to nothing than a mild scolding.When are we going to get rid of this weakling and put a man in office.A lot of you dems. won’t agree because of a pack of lies,but if Obama can change laws so can we.I vote bring back a patriot and good American.George Bush.


  3. Orlando says:

    I think of President Obama as organized, intelligent, tactically ruthless. However, I can easily tell when he does certain things he really isn’t in 100%. Russia, Syria, Israel, Liby, to put it bluntly, the guy really don’t care. If he doesn’t care he should be strong enough, to portray that instead of kicking the can down the road, because that can cause us to continue to look bad.

    Ronald Reagan is dead, he is not comming back, and to my knowledge they forgot to clone him before his demise.

    Bush? Really? That’s a joke… right?

    Stop being a Republican Pawn
    Stop being a Democrat Pawn
    Be free go “NO Party”, vote based on who you think will be the better President from “Your Personal” views.


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