Obamacare Kills Its First Politician

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  1. William says:

    Ain’t it wonderful!!


  2. redgene says:

    It sure is wonderful…. What a bunch.


  3. norm says:

    The Obamacare fiasco may bring a GOP landslide this fall-dare we hope for such a miracle?


  4. Lindamargaret says:

    all y’all are dancing merrily around the fire, as the US burns to the ground….”Obama” care is a construct of the Senate, who struggled to make it as worthless and complicated as they possibly could, let’s call it what it really is, ( Republican) Senatecare …..a reflection of what my “representation” really thinks of me…as you dance. I would encourage you to Remember the Bastille!


    John dixon Reply:

    Not one republican, anywhere, ever voted for obamacare! Good luck making your dream a reality!


  5. George McAdoo says:

    If we don’t go, they can’t build it. Gross refusal to enroll in Obamacare will leave it withering on the vine. But don’t forget to replace in 2014, every member of the House and Senate who is up for re-election and voted to enact Obamacare. Semper Fi!


  6. creyn says:

    Obama knows exactly what he’s doing–purposely killing America.


  7. FREE says:

    As if this wasn’t easy to predict for anyone who has half a brain, given one lie after another lie, fraud, cover ups, it is never ending. But when Obamacare turns out to cost so much more for most, never mind the $6000 deductibles at best, no one will be able to afford healthcare. PERIOD.


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