An Even Uglier KGB is Back From Oblivion

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  1. Jerome Von Phifer says:

    Floyd Brown you are a two-faced hypocritical Jerk to criticize what Putin has done, when you supported or turned a blind eye to what the U.S. did in Iraq, a clear war crime, and also a crime against Humanity. Putin’s reason is justified after the west’s betrayal after the fall of the Soviet Union of promising not to take in the former soviet countries on its border.The west has been trying to undermine Russia since then, particularly with the placing of missile batteries on there periphery with the twisted and jaded lie of protecting europe from Iranian missiles. I think the Russians have every right to put missiles in Cuba again and Venezuela and Nicarauga to send a message.


  2. JDH says:

    J Von P….looks like it’s time for you to move to Moscow and support Putin’s human rights efforts!


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