America’s Greatest Invention Just Got Hijacked

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  1. car333 says:

    Do you think that will tick off Al Gore a little when they give away his invention. Shame on you Obummer.


  2. John Vance says:

    What is with this creep in the WH, he really is gung ho on destroying this country, Have some guts congress, Impeach him now while there is something left.


  3. Nick says:

    The reason that the Internet jobs are going global is, as usual, to take advantage of lower costs elsewhere.
    Our economy is suffering so, naturally, we ship jobs to other countries.
    The Federal Government is corrupt or totally inept.


  4. dr. james willingham says:

    Bah! Not worth reading after the announcement which I had never heard before – your posting too quickly, slow down.


  5. DustyFae says:

    UN is trying to overthrow our USA government..They are foreign Leaders dictating to Americans…This is not allow in our CONSTITUTION.


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