Open Letter to Mr. Obama: Tell the Truth About Flight 370!

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  1. Lisa says:

    What an ignorant article. You know, not everything bad that happens in the world is to be blamed on the President. Your bias is rude and rather hurtful to everyone who is waiting for news on loved ones. THE US GOVERNMENT IS NOT AT FAULT FOR THIS. If anything terror related is the cause it’s going to be bc of where they were flying. Chances are mechanical error. Please have your facts straight before you spew your opinion and not only slander our President (which i know you republicans LOVE to do) but start more rumors when there are 239 people missing and loved ones looking for answers. Maybe turn off Fox news every so often and live in the real world like the rest of us. Idiot.


  2. Andrea says:

    Why would this be addressed to Obama? He’s not the leader of the world, just the U.S. Were you aware of that?


  3. Luther Brixton says:

    This is why Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide – and I can’t stand Hillary, but rightwingers are working 24/7 to make her look 1000 x more presidential than these fact-free lunatics.

    The deranged hatred for Obama has always been based on lunacy, but now all world events from Ukraine to a Malaysian plane crash are due to having that n****er in the White House.

    All in all, considering how many thousands of Americans who died, the empowering of terrorists worldwide, & the economic implosion during the last Republican presidency, I’d rather have their irrational rants than having them anywhere near the White House.


  4. Fred Campbell says:

    An article long on polemic, short on facts.


  5. Chales says:

    I don’t even know why I read your reports. Oh yea, that right, it gives me first hand evidence of just how far the wheels have come the “base” of the Republican Party”
    If horse puckkies were gold your editors would be worth billions. Now some evidence does suggest that this was a deliberate act but even at that Obama had nothing to do with this and there is no government cover up. Of course some of the IQ zero will thump their chest cry on lunatic radio and claim the got it right but will not get any closer to the truth and will not find the plane either! As far as Bengazi again another situation blown way out of proportion although I sure the four Amricans who died would be better served the next time request for more funds security won’t be voted down by our wonderful Republican House!


  6. David15 says:

    Destabilizing control of these manpads was shortsighted action. Transponder lost before MH307 left land at a lower altitude probably within limits of such sam’s.


  7. David15 says:

    Check out seismic event 70 miles directly in “front” of MH370 flight path, 85 minutes after transponder signal lost at 3:00 A.M. , in a non-active seismic zone consistent with an airplane crash hitting the bottom of the ocean??????????????

    A bit of coincidence seems too much to swallow, yet no wreckage???????????????????????

    This coinciding even close or in seismic ACTIVE zone in close prox and time and consistent with a plane crash?????????????????????????

    Denial of cover-up of event is EXTREMELY perilous with future events to come even more catastrophy.


  8. David15 says:

    Last sentence “of” should be “or” cover-up.


  9. David15 says:

    Moderation=discrimination=denial=increased further peril and innocent victims which is unnecessary and reversible.


  10. David15 says:

    Well, maybe not so reversible but certainly potentially preventable.

    Posting too fast, sure. Have only posted 2 initial comments here in entire life. The others are in response to your actions tantamount to censorship.


  11. Robert S. says:

    I have no comment; my comments were spelled out in the above.


  12. Geno777 says:

    The last line of Lisa’s post should read===========maybe turn off fox news BLA-BLA- BLA- and live in the real world like the rest of us ( IDIOTS )


  13. SadAmerican4America says:

    Yes, BO should be thrilled that the diversion from his FAILURES has worked seamlessly. I put NOTHING past this president, NOTHING. Nothing a gazillion times over. He is corrupt and out for his own greed and power. Screw America. Screw the world! As long as he is in control, the world will just be collateral damage!


  14. SadAmerican4America says:

    And to add to that comment — notice that ALL the media are talking about NOTHING but the missing airliner. BO is jumping for joy and hopes they continue being focused on ONE news story.


  15. Anonymous says:

    This whole news story is so ridiculous at this point that people actually believe nobody knows anything. Go and research previous terrorist hijackings, specifically 9/11. Revisit how those actually went down in detail. Do you know when they commandeered the craft? Do you know how they avoided detection? Do you know how they stayed off air control and radar? You are ignorant, brainwashed fools if you really think we don’t have the technology to know where every aircraft is in the sky. Something is being covered up. If you feel differently, there is no reasoning with you because you need to read some books.


  16. Mitch says:

    This is ridiculous . Everything that goes wrong in the world gets blamed on the President. Right now it’s just pointless to respond to anyone that believes this. This is a Malaysian airlines with The majority of people Asian . This planes could have gone down for a number of reasons . However, the Malaysian government doesn’t want anything out there until we know for sure. No other country is taking the lead on this other than Malaysia . Other countries are helping. So why would the president of a country halfway around the world come up with his conclusions and announce it to everyone? This is not the Obama team hiding things. This is team Malaysia


  17. bustervon says:

    The word “truth” is the key word. Until it is proven that Mr. Obama knows the “truth” about the fate of flight 370, I think it implausible to believe that he is deceiving the public.


  18. Sgt Shel says:

    What makes you think that Obambe will tell the truth about anything?


  19. John Rauliuk says:

    COME CLEAN!!!!!!


  20. John Rauliuk says:



  21. John Rauliuk says:

    Why is the media remaining quiet? Come clean and tell us the truth!


  22. Rhonda says:

    LISA:how horribly blind you are to our Governments tyranny!We are 45 days out now,Obama traveled to Malaysia last weekend,did you hear him openly discussing it???or even ONE WORD ABOUT IT?Can’t you see what is happening in your world?I could list pages of offenses committed by your beloved Pres!All true.You need to read more,learn more EDUCATE YOURSELF!Obama knows exactly what happened to that plane,the journalist here is not “attacking”simply reporting facts.DIEGO GARCIA!THE U S HAS THAT PLANE.AND THIS IS A DIVERSION TO KEEP US BUSY WHILE OBAMA STARTS HIS BIGGER PROJECT SOMEWHERE ELSE!AND IM SURE IT WILL BE THE FINAL BLOW TO ENACT HIS DEVIOUS PLANS OF MARTIAL LAW,AND GUN CONFISCATION!And to strip us of the rest of our rights.


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