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Too Late to Become a Polar Vortex Millionaire?

From beaten down and ignored, to becoming the King of the Commodity Hill…

That pretty much sums up the transformation that natural gas has experienced over the last two years.

In April 2012, prices hit a nearly 15-year low of $1.92 per thousand British thermal units.

Fast forward to today, and – thanks to supply shortages caused by the polar vortex – prices recently topped $6.10. That’s a staggering 220% rise!

And I’m convinced prices will stay above $5 over the next three years.

After all, we’ve discovered vast domestic supplies. And demand is steadily on the rise for power generation, as well as various transportation and consumer applications.

Now, for an immediate course of action, I encourage you to check out the archives at Oil & Energy Daily. My colleague, Karim Rahemtulla, has provided continuous coverage of the natural gas sector. And he’s shown subscribers several ways to profit from the momentum in the industry.

Plus, I’ve just uncovered a unique, under-the-radar and low-risk opportunity that’s about to take off in a big way…

Drill, Baby, Drill!

In the wake of the recent price rally, interest is understandably percolating for all types of natural gas investments.

Amazingly, though, few investors have discovered this company. It’s been publicly traded since 1979, yet no traditional Wall Street analysts even cover the stock.

But they should.

It’s sitting on over 150 billion cubic feet equivalent of proven reserves. And it boasts one of the lowest cost profiles in the country.

Not to mention that it carries negligible debt. Cash flows from operations fund most, if not all, of its working interest and mineral acreage acquisition costs. The company has never diluted shareholders. And it’s paid a dividend for 50 years (and counting).

To top it off, the company sports solid insider ownership (15%), and it constantly invests in future growth.

Impressive, yes. But what’s even more compelling is the company’s unconventional business model.

Now, I just released my full research report on the stock yesterday in the March issue of WSD Insider. And it would be unfair to our subscribers if I went into any more detail at this time.

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Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese