CIA Abuses Power, Spies on Congress

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  1. gavinwca says:

    Senators are so ignorant, that they did not realize if the CIA and. The NSA, can spy on us that they would not use that technology to spy on them . Kinda looks like they did the same to the Supreme Court to get them vote on cases the way the Government wanted.


  2. LT Jones says:

    It might be foolish to believe that you can have
    significantly important secrets. I understand that
    foreign organizations spy on our government and our organizations spy on foreign governments and
    they all compare notes since each are prohibited from spying on their own governments.


  3. Debbie Robinson says:

    Funny how Feinstein gets her face in a knot when someone spies and investigates her and her cohorts – but is completely silent when the same charges are made about every government agency in the US spying,investigating,auditing, ease dropping and hacking into American citizens lives for the sole purpose of silencing the public.


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