Secret Gov’t Agency is Following Your License Plates

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  1. Gordy says:

    “track aliens and absconders.” The only reason the government would want to track absconders and aliens would be to patronize them and give them some freebies ensuring they vote for democrats. Just like Holder’s ploy to let criminals vote. If republicans or independents tried to pull this crap, every news media in the world would see it every night for weeks.


  2. Bill says:

    When I warned friends 30 years ago, how all this would be accomplished, they laughed at me. I even lost friends.


  3. rON says:



  4. ONTIME says:

    This edition of the Hill has the most negative article headlines I have yet to see…could it be the factual observations are starting to get a foothold?
    WTP are sure getting mighty tired of that lying blather coming from the government and the WH…


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