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‘Silent Karaoke’ Mic Lets The Tone Deaf Be Seen, Not Heard

Japanese culture is big on karaoke. But some folks just aren’t pitch perfect. And business owners are fully aware. This new invention solves that problem… Masanori Kurayama, a member on Japan Trust Technology’s sales and marketing team, expands on his earth-shattering innovation.

Children Bad Voices Are to Be Seen and Not Heard?

“In my opinion, karaoke is a part of Japanese culture that everyone has experienced at least once. And of course, there are those who are not so good at it. My name is Masanori Kurayama, and I work at Japan Trust Technology.

“I’m actually pretty bad at karaoke, and whenever I go with friends or co-workers, I watch a lot, but singing is extremely embarrassing. Because I’m really bad at singing, I started practicing by myself, but going all the way to a karaoke box by yourself is inconvenient. So I thought, ‘isn’t there anything I can do at home?’ and that idea became this product.

Don’t Wake the Neighbors

“Japanese homes are quite small, and the rooms are close together. If you start singing at the top of your lungs, not only will it get on your family’s nerves, but it will reverberate outside and bother your neighbors. So I wanted to create a system that will let you sing out loud in your bedroom or living room.

“There’s the main unit and these cables. You also need headphones, and this is the part you insert into a smartphone or a tablet, and finally karaoke software. The amazing feature of our system is that you can modify the echo level on the unit and apply the effect when singing along to videos off of YouTube or other video sharing sites.

Silence the Noise

“This is my normal talking voice, but if I put the cup up to my mouth, it becomes this quiet. You can still hear me, but the sound is reduced significantly.

“Since it’s so easy to use, many people have given it high reviews. And since your voice is muted, you can practice karaoke without the fear of being overheard. That is a very important benefit for our users.”