The Biggest Con of the Last 10 Years, Finally Busted!

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  1. Bill Murphy says:

    Dear Mr. Basenese:
    This is the first time i have seen your column. I have felt all along that this “Great Recession” was not much of a recession. There have been a series of recessions occurring periodically ever since the last World War that I have been familiar with. They were all corrections. The depression was similar to the recessions in that it followed a boom. The depression was a lot worse than any recession. The economy still has winners and losers, there are disparities, inequalities etc as there are though out nature. There is always room for envy to exist, which is good for politicians, but on the whole these are relatively reasonable times for most people. I think your article was unusual because it put things like recessions and depression in their proper places.
    Yours truly, Bill.


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