Happy Taxing New Year

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  1. Gerald E. Stinson says:

    I think we are undertaxed. The best way to get people to reduce the federal debt and recurring annual budgets is to make them pay for it. Manna is not going to fall from heaven; it is rather going to be extracted from our collective wallets. We are not against taxes anyway; so long as it is the other guy who is taking the hit. That is where the politicians and their average of one-a-day amendments to the internal revenue code come into the picture in return for what we so euphemistically call “campaign contributions,” whose payment has been greatly facilitated by Citizens United. We need to wake up and live with our decisions, whether it’s Bush’s wars and Big Pharma giveaways or a failure of our vote-hungry politicians to permanently roost on the hill.


  2. harley says:

    Please explain how young people and Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have been targeted.


    Mary Murphy Reply:

    Young people because the high cost of Obamacare will be paid by the young to compensate for the expense of the older less healthy. Much like social security is paid by young workers to pay out benefits to seniors. As for Iraq and Afghanistan service men and women returning to the work force, they had hiring preferential treatment by way of tax breaks to companies that hire them. That tax break has been eliminated.


  3. chylener says:

    I do not see how they can justify taxing American citizens when the Ford, Carnegie, Woods, Rockefeller, etc. Foundations are mostly tax-exempt, and they most certainly do not deserve their tax-exempt status. Ford Foundation has been a force of social manipulation for decades and is directly responsible for some of the most heinous injustices done to minorities in these decades, such as paying race provocateurs and poverty pimps to agitate, discourage and rip them off of any hope they ever had of being self-sufficient. They should all be forced to make reparations for all the taxes they’ve cheated the gov’t out, and the harm they have done to this nation, as should all the Democrats and the CFR and TC. They are all robbers, thieves and including the neo-cons like Rumsefeld, Cheney, Bush and Obama and the rest of those in PNAC murderers.


  4. Chip says:

    This man should b hanged 4 treason


  5. Mary Murphy says:

    Yes Pam, I think you have it right. You left out one thing President Obama is very good at though, so to be fair I want to add his greatest accomplishment, he has lied to the American people more times than all previous Presidents put together. Since that includes Nixon and Clinton I would say that is quite an accomplishment. What say you?


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