The FDA Wants To Control How You Bathe

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  1. Mark says:

    A few years ago a brilliant teen in a science fair proved that the so called antibacterial soaps actually made germs STRONGER!

    The germicide they use actually does cause cancer.

    If they want to ban something they they should ban the fragrances.

    Just last weekend I went to a pizza place went and washed my hands. The soap was so fragrantly offensive I count eat until I got that smell off of my hands. I went to my truck and grabbed my degreaser and washed my hands 4 times and they still smelled like the restaurants soap.


  2. NJMom77 says:

    I have been concerned about, and avoiding antibacterial soaps for years, believing that they, like the routine feeding of antibiotics to farm animals would lead to the development of resistant germs. It’s good that more people are becoming aware of this risk. I only hope it isn’t too late.


  3. Adora Sala says:



  4. Mary Jo says:

    ALL soaps remove bacteria, not just Dial. When I was very young & on the farm we were always told to “wash out hands”; it could have been Ivory soap, I don’t know, but I never got sick & I’m still alive! Imagine that! Anti-bacterial soap is not good for septic systems, either.


  5. Jerome from Layton says:

    The anti-bacterial agent is triclosan which was used to replace hexaclorophene after an over-dose accident in France that killed some babies. The immediate result was Phisohex going behind the counter as a Presciption material. This FDA action is bigger.

    For starts, look at most of the toothpaste on the market and you will find triclosan in almost all of them. This may be spread all over the market; so, life is going to get “interesting” in many areas.


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