Will the Federal Reserve Crash Stocks?

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  1. Harley says:

    25% is a bit much also I disagree with 15% of portfolio in the shiny stuff. I also believe tapper will not happen this yr possibly some time end of first qtr.
    Would be nice if you gave some trades to hedge with rather than post a useless article built on selling a product. Maybe if you put you money where mouth is I would be more inclined to purchase. This article was a waste of time.
    Tapper no tapper all noise. Move on!


  2. Robert says:

    if the Federal Reserve starts to even talk of tapering they will crash the market and make the U.S. economy a depression instead of a recession and not recovery and the Democrats will be the fault and just to have another thought when the government was shut down and the Democrsts tried to blame the Republicans for it let me make it known Obama said if he didn’t get his way (His way or the highway) he would shut down government so the Republicans are off the hook.


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