The Single Most Important Chart for 2014

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  1. Edward O'Connor says:

    Unless I’m mistaken , the ‘fear’quote cited at the beginning of Mr. Basenese’s letter is attributed to FDR at his first inauguration in 1932.


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Of course we know that FDR spoke those words first. But JFK was known to use this quote often, as well. However, we’ve updated the article to clear up any confusion. Thank you for your feedback.


  2. Bill says:

    “By the way, companies are sitting on a staggering amount of dry powder right now. In the third quarter, cash held by U.S. corporations rose by 6%, to $1.925 trillion, according to Federal Reserve data.”

    Corporations are holding cash for two reasons. One, there are no reasonable opportunities to invest this cash at this time. Two, they can either repay debt or make acquisitions at pennies on the dollar once interest rates move back to historical norms.


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