How to Wage War Against Inflation – And Win!

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  1. RUSS SMITH says:

    Hi!, Patrons Of Dividends & Income Daily:

    From my perspective there is no way to consistently year by year gage an expected inflation rate which is not in the hands of anyone’s personal opinion but instead in the institutionalized hands of the FED which means all such advise regards where to place OUR money is pure and simple speculation and not investment advice per say. If you read enough about inflation statistics you come up with numerous rates of inflation; while the real rate of inflation can only be measured at any given point in time by OUR wallets. Any other gage of the inflation rate in purely conjecture in the opinionated minds of the various commentators. As we are all aware today both parents try to work in order to keep up; while the price of hamburger for example has risen in the past from 3 lbs. of hamburger for a $ to almost $5 per lb. today. That’s a more than 1,500% increase. As one of my past, deceased mentors told me more than 30 years ago: the liars can figure but the figures can’t lie!! Due to this in my opinion there is a conversion of facts meeting with the misinformation index which spells trouble coming sooner or later.

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (Broke Fiat Money State)


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