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Keynote Speaker Series: Alexander Green Brings Back the American Dream

Our Publisher, Robert Williams, just sat down with The Oxford Club’s Investment Director, Alexander Green, to discuss his compelling new book.

Alex is one of the greatest minds in finance, as his track record proves.

The book, An Embarrassment of Riches, explores the tremendous advantages of living in our capitalistic society. And the timing couldn’t be better…

A recent poll suggests that 41% of people in the United States don’t believe in the American dream anymore.

With the strategies Alex lays out in this book, however, he’s bringing the dream back in a BIG way.

Indeed, as Alex says during the interview, the secrets revealed in the book can help anyone “achieve the financial independence that eludes so many people.”

We should certainly listen to what he has to say, too, since his portfolio’s performance is so impeccable.

In fact, the independent Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked Alex’s investment letter, The Oxford Communiqué, among the best-performing newsletters in the nation… For more than a decade!

Click on the image below to hear the interview in its entirety.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese