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When Insiders Say Peace, They Mean War

Are you ready to join the D.C. insiders and earn the easiest profits ever? Here’s all you need to know: Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are about to declare peace in our time. And whenever the D.C. insiders start talking about peace, they really mean war.

You see, the Iranian nuclear agreement is about to be given an extended victory lap over the next week.

But you shouldn’t believe a word of it. Just as Neville Chamberlain declared peace after his negotiations with Hitler on the Sudetenland, what you are actually watching is a prelude to war.

And our portfolio of stocks is sure to profit during the coming Middle East conflagration. Value picks in the defense and technology sector are the foundation of our National Treasure Portfolio, and once the shooting starts, they’ll provide us with incredible returns.

Things Fall Apart

How is it that a peace agreement can actually start a war? Well, the Iranian agreement greatly increases tensions in the Middle East. Israel and Saudi Arabia feel abandoned by the United States, while Egypt is moving quickly out of the American orbit. The powder keg that is the Middle East is nearing anarchy.

Worst of all, the agreement doesn’t deal with the central problem – secret operations. Iran can claim to freeze its nuclear program, but Tehran will surely keep the lights on at facilities like Parchin that, per the agreement, won’t be inspected.

As with much of Obama’s presidency, the Iranian agreement is mostly for show. The president has already boasted about daily International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections at the Fordo and Natanz nuclear sites. Yet cameras were already in position at the two facilities before the agreement!

Ultimately, Iran gave up nothing significant, and the crippling sanctions that drove the Iranians to the negotiating table in the first place will be nearly abandoned. Meanwhile, none of Iran’s centrifuges will be dismantled. All told, Tehran may have an opportunity to actually move its nuclear program forward.

That’s bad news for Israel because Iran doesn’t need a complete atomic bomb or missile warhead to deliver a devastating attack. Instead, Tehran can use a much simpler dirty bomb and do nearly as much damage with enriched uranium in a conventional weapon.

In fact, Iran doesn’t even have to get its hands messy if it doesn’t want to. As the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran is in a perfect position to pass the technology – or even a single dirty bomb – to a radical Shiite group like Hezbollah and let them attack Israel instead.

The Drums of War

Since July, we’ve been touting our defense and technology picks in Constitutional Wealth. Conflict is an unfortunate constant in the world, and – like it or not – there are some firms that will record enormous profits from a Middle East war. So we’ve done our best to position our portfolio accordingly. And it may not be long now before we start seeing significant returns.

You see, Israel is already working with Saudi Arabia on a plan to attack Iran. And the Saudis are busy negotiating with Pakistan, trying to obtain their own nuclear weapons.

The Iranian nuclear agreement could end up being the catalyst for a new arms race in the Persian Gulf.

So in spite of whatever the media tells you, don’t expect peace to break out. The warring factions in the Middle East aren’t about to begin singing “Kumbaya” together any time soon.

To life, liberty, and prosperity,

Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown

, Political Expert

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