The Seven Cheapest Stock Markets in the World

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  1. John Probst says:

    If only fools predict market tops then the same applies to those that predict future PE ratios. And there are profit making precious metal majors with DIVS like oils and only 25% earnings impairs selling below book value, but the technicals are quite poor, which means it will take time for the fundamentals to overcome the manipulated price of paper gold. Other sectors too, of course…


  2. eric taylor says:

    Gazprom is the largest natural gas company for reserves in the world and the most profitable company sells for less than half of it’s book value. Gazprom is geared toward 2020 for the long term investor when it will have major LNG for export processing plants and completion of their pipeline build-out to Europe and Asia now in the works. You just have to sit and collect the large annual dividend for your DRIP account into the 2020’s! Warren Buffet is no short term trader even for values sake, like some financiers pigeonhole him as he owns complete companies in the main and this would preclude his owning indexes or funds in earnest!


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