A Bullish Undercurrent That’s Impossible to Ignore

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  1. colin says:

    Hi Louis,
    I’m a fairly recent subscriber and I just wanted to say that I find your articles the most interesting and engaging that I’ve read for a very long time. Your views and thoughts seem to be based on a more factual and measured perspective than most purveyors of ‘market analysis’. I’m very happy to incorporate your newsletters into my daily routine.
    Thanks very much,
    Colin (from UK)


  2. Edouard d'Orange says:

    I wouldn’t disparage you because your analysis is based on statistics. But I can see how others would wonder about your conclusions because you present your case without acknowledging there can be some negatives that would derail the rosy scenario you present.


  3. Richard Korkowski says:

    I’ve determined some time ago that you are the most common sense portfolio adviser yet. I’ve stuck the course and ignored my sometimes nervousness for your no nonsense advice and have had the best year of my life. This is my first 28% year ever.
    Thank you,
    Richard Korkowski


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