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Want to Be Cooler? Just Get Some “Monkey Lights”

As a cycling fan, one of the coolest sights is watching a mass sprint at the end of a stage. It’s fast… it’s frantic… it’s exciting… and takes some serious courage to barrel along at 40-50 mph, wheel to wheel with your rivals.

But you know what would make it even cooler?

“Monkey lights.”

A California company called MonkeyLectric has devised an innovation that combines technology and art – and brings some razzle-dazzle to average cycling enthusiasts everywhere…

Not Your Usual Boring Lights

He describes himself as a tinkerer… but Dan Goldwater has turned his tinkering into a money-making invention.

As founder of MonkeyLectric, Goldwater is transforming ordinary bikes into illuminated art.

Using a programmable LED display, he’s created monkey light – a device that makes bikes light up.

But this isn’t your ordinary set of boring bike lights.

Goldwater says advances in LED technology and computing has allowed him to make the wheels light up as they’re in motion. And using an onboard computer, the rider is able to select different patterns to display.

So if you’re riding at night, not only does it turn heads, it’s also a pretty dazzling safety feature.

That’s because Goldwater says the system’s sensors are dependent on speed: “The wheel needs to be moving at a certain minimum speed to see the effect. When someone is stopped, the LEDs are still very bright, but they aren’t moving enough to make a pattern. The pattern itself is actually caused by what’s called the ‘persistence of vision’ effect of your eye.”

Simply put, that means the brain sees one image when, in fact, it’s actually a series of rapid-fire bursts from the LED display. Here’s how…

Goldwater says MonkeyLectric is growing, with the monkey light system notching sales from across the world.

Ahead of the tape,

Martin Denholm

Martin Denholm

, Managing Editor

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