The Three Most Telling Economic Charts in the World

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  1. David Deputy says:

    My question is consumer spending on small items. My wife Susan sells on e-bay and has seen a significant decrease is activity. My logic is that the drop off is due to the fact that “no one has any money”. Is there any validity in this position?


  2. poshest says:

    Awesome charts as usual Louis. Keep em coming! But these ones aren’t so useful for an investor trying to work out what to do next. In 2007, you could have said “look how great everything is – there’s no banks collapsing”, and it was the worst time to invest.


  3. Rebecca says:

    If the stock market is going to crash down again is investing in a house or land what one needs to do?


    JGrover Reply:

    Don’t know in US but real estate market is at a very high point in Asia, especially places like China and India. Even the recent US government shutdown, fed tapering and therefore lesser investment into emerging markets news hasn’t stopped buyers from bidding higher for new real estate projects.


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