Friday Charts: R.I.P Bitcoin, Shrinkage and the Best Case of Déjà Vu Ever

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  1. Steve Murdoch says:

    Amazing Deja Vu!!

    It would be insteresting to hear Louis’s opinion on how long that Deja Vu will last …. the 12 plus years that followed 1967 were pretty grim.

    The S&P 500 closed out 1967 at 96.47. 11 years later at the end of 1978 the S&P 500 closed at 96.11 making zero growth over an 11 year period.

    Also during that period we endure the recession of 1973-74 where the S&P bottomed Q4, 1974 at 60.96.

    Will we see a similar period like this?


  2. cessie says:

    Almost everything runs in cycles only to keep repeating. Money, control, greed, egos are in each cycle. As far as bitcoin is concerned, from day one I thought it was absolutely nothing.


  3. Jake says:

    Great call on Bitcoin! It’s up around 250% from where you declared it dead!


  4. Usao says:

    Thanks Louis, I lost thousands in profit from following your Bitcoin advice. The Bitcoin price today is around $375. Thanks so much.


  5. Tony says:

    Calling Bitcoin a scam is utter ignorance. Maybe they author should explain how an open source software can be a scam!


  6. Anonymous says:

    And here we stand one month later. Bitcoin is now worth $300 and Shopify has begun integrating it. Bitcoin is dead! Totally! Panic Sell!


  7. WallstreetPanic says:

    Geez… what’s next? To me, the articles I’ve been reading seem to imply you expect innocent readers to start running around in circles, saying “we’re all going to die”. 😉

    From my point of view, this blog tries to stay alive by pushing out typical “Wallstreet Panic”. Besides, if you’re going to compare charts, at least use some that actually overlap as you indicate. Pulled them up myself a sec ago, and what I see here is pretty different from your (let’s just call it) “distorted” chart. I could pull out a dozen of charts where a minor parts may seem to fit, and use some pixel-shoving program to tune it so it seems as if it fits. Personally, I think it’s a shame to do so… you have to expect people who stumble upon your blog to be well-vetted when it comes to analytics. I mean, really? Don’t tell me you don’tknow that those who know how to read them, quickly notice the underlying anti-pattern you’re trying to disprove there.

    But hey, who am I to educate you? It’s your blog… and looking at the length of my comment, you definitely manage to motivate people to add content to it. 😉

    Best nevertheless.


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