Should We Be Fearful of Another Epic Financial Collapse?

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  1. Richard Washburn says:

    Good column Lou. I had a thought while I was reading it. If the financial sector stocks at still down 47% from there 2007 highs. Maybe the market is telling us what they know. That the sector is still fundamentally not healthy. My life experience, and most recently 2008, tells me that banks have an amazing ability to hide there problems from the world… Regards, Richard


  2. So Louis,
    No sooner do you finish dumping on Michael Lewis for not sharing his key info w/ the world;
    you turn right back around and string us out about your vital comments on it.

    Couldn’t resist the zing even as I realize it’s not even close to the same thing, but your tease has me grasping at straws for the answer.
    All the best,



  3. lynne says:

    Your ahead of the tape is great. When will you reveal the unexpected threat?


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