Friday Charts: Rising Rates, Clueless Economists and the Most Speculative Bet in the World

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  1. Wideranger says:

    If you ‘experts’ think you can digitally predict the outcome of the NFL season, send me your money and I’ll turn it into gold! You cannot predict which players will be injured either temporarly or permanently, or just get sick for a couple games, or weather controlled games, or any of the chances for local terrorism, and I do not think you can predict the winner of the SB. Personally, I think the Texans with their intense desire will be way up there if not a winner!


  2. Earl P. Holt III says:

    If economists are unable to accurately predict anything these days, it’s probably because so few are actually “economists, the profession tasked with studying”…the distribution of a resource through a market system.” Most “economists” these days are really politicians, who control “…the distribution of a resource through the political process.” Sadly, most “economists”- particularly that strange breed which creates Democrat policy – know less about real economics than the average small business owner…


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