Friday Charts: The Most Baffling Government Chart Ever

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  1. Everett Ramsey says:

    Three articles on U.S. Treasury Bonds. Two warning of their collapse and one stating they can’t collapse. Which is it?


  2. Edouard d'Orange says:

    Something negative about China and against the anointed one’s administration in the same article. Amazing, for someone who is in the current government’s thrall. Most of your previous articles have been like Voltaire’s character: All is for the best in the best of worlds. Housing market is great, economy is good, stock market is super. Now, you’re calling Obummer’s boy Jack Lew a…a… I can’t write it, no, no a LIAR! The government has already exceeded the debt limit, you say, can’t be. The Oba-mao has never deceived, nor misspoke (as long as the teleprompter works), nor prevaricated. Just wait, Lois L and the IRS gang are gearing up for your audit.


  3. Carleen Lane says:

    Does anyone know for sure if there is still gold in Ft. Knox?


    Ed Danahey Reply:

    As the song goes, “No one knows, it’s just suppose” and that has to be the title to my answer. There is something there, but my belief if that it is far less than whenever we abandoned gold as a currency base. If you are a betting person, Carleen, would you fund your long term investments upon Ft Knox being Full, Half Empty, or running on fumes? I lean in the direction that the dashboard warning light for the gold gauge has been lit for a number of years.


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