Friday Charts: Is it Time to Take a Gamble on Apple?

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  1. Gary Junkins says:

    Can’t wait for your Friday graphics,wit, and humor keep up the good work!


  2. Janxon Sponge says:

    Tempted by schemes that promise the secret to instant wealth ?

    Remember that anyone who actually knows the secret to instant wealth has no reason to make money any other way.

    That’s a law. The Law of Duh.

    They have no motivation to make money by selling the secret to others. If they feel like sharing the secret at all, they will share it for free. That means writing a book about it, and selling the book for the price of a book.

    Not running an ‘advisory service’ or selling ‘courses’ or ‘kits’.

    Anyone making money in those ways does not possess a moneymaking secret that is anywhere near as good a moneymaker as hawking their ‘secret’ on a website or a late-night informercial.

    So even before going in, you know what the upper-limit of the wealth you can expect to make from the idea is.

    Sorta puts a damper on the excitement level.

    Doesn’t mean there aren’t great moneymaking ideas out there. It just means that all the great ideas are free. Go to the library.


  3. Janxon Sponge says:

    PS: The teaser ad is just talking about selling uncovered options. Yes, there are options strategies like that that will put cash instantly in your pocket. All well and good until you have to take that cash back out of your pocket, and possibly more besides.


  4. Wylie says:

    Great info Louis! I love reading this up to date stuff. Man, you do a fantastic job… although I’m not rich yet, I’m working on it. I need all the help that I can get right now. Send me another trade or two.
    Thanks for your super ideas and insight ahead of time… Wylie


  5. ssoldie says:

    I would take a chance on Apple definitely, great company.


  6. Ernie says:

    Apple is HORRIBLE. Microsoft already does EVERYTHING and has NO issues with all websites, especially using Windows 8 (Professional 64-bit version preferred) and Internet Explorer 10, soon to be 11.


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