Why Detroit’s Bankruptcy Could Detonate a $3.7-Trillion Muni Bond Bomb

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  1. Andy vranich says:

    Sure looks like precious metals seems the best way to go, what with both China storage 450 tons of gold and INDIA NOT TO FAR BEHIND.The real question
    is there ANY currency that is solid? There are 195 countries probably 20 or 25 currencies I repeat ARE ANY OF THEM as solid as rare metals?


  2. Earl P. Holt III says:

    Personally, I would RUN from Municipal Bonds issued by ANY city run exclusively by “Democrats.”

    I would run even faster from Municipal Bonds issued by cities which have experienced significant “white flight,” since the smart money has already registered its confidence in these governments…


  3. Dick Craig says:

    With Detroit going bankrupt – what is the next CITY – COUNTY or STATE that will follow suit in this bankruptcy game?


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